How much do infusion therapies cost?

Will they be covered by insurance?

Every infusible drug and biologic is priced differently, and may vary based on your insurance plan’s coverage. NYAC Infusion Center prides itself on ensuring the lowest possible out-of-pocket costs for our infusion patients. Our services cost an average 53% less than hospital-based infusions.*

We work closely with insurance carriers to ensure expeditious claim processing and your maximum coverage. NYAC Infusion Center staff will also go the extra mile to research and identify any pharmaceutical rebates that may apply, to help make your treatment as affordable as possible.

Over the years,

we’ve implemented a multi-step system to ensure our patients’ quickest approvals

and lowest out-of-pocket costs.

For every new biologic patient, NYAC Infusion Center insurance coordinators:

  • Process your physician referral faxed to (888) 463-8730 

  • Verify your benefits, confirming your prescribed drug is covered

  • Obtain insurer approval and notify your physician

  • Explore relevant drug assistance programs, rebates, and other cost-saving opportunities

  • Contact you and discuss your benefits, potential rebates and drug assistance programs, and out-of-pocket costs (if any)

  • Schedule your first appointment, reviewing any questions you may have

Because of our strong relationships with insurers, all steps are typically handled within 24-48 hours — helping you start your treatment and feel better sooner.

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